May 18, 2011

Another Atari VCS Game Poem

Hello artists!

I just wanted to pop in to mention that I've begun another game poem for the Atari 2600. Following up on where Indentures at an Exhibition left off, and second of a triptych, the game will focus on the experience of driving through afternoon rush hour traffic.

I am hoping to make this the most maddening Atari experience that I can.

Without yet getting into the rhetoric, I will only briefly note that this game poem will feature an original homemade Atari cigarette controller, which will be controlled by breath, in addition to the normal joystick controller. As soon as the game poem is finished, the plans for the controller will be released freely as well as the game poem itself. Don't worry, very minimal electronic experience will be required, i.e. soldering.

For now, I can offer you a screenshot of where the game poem is now in development:

I'm very excited about this project overall, and cannot wait to let you all experience it when finished.

Until then, I hope you all are successful in continuing your daily Moment art routine! I will have another creative Moment generation idea ready for you all here soon.


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