November 1, 2011

My 8-bit Daughter

I found a few free moments today, found myself playing with my future phone and an app called PicoEDITOR. Now I know that future phones are notorious for enabling considerable media consumption, but now and then you can find some incredibly efficient tools for creative production. So, with the above-mentioned app, I spent a minute or two creating an 8x8 pixel sprite of my soon-to-be year-old daughter Aria:

Then, I subsequently created a stereoscopic 8x8 drawing:

I know that some of you don't have fancy future phones, but luckily, this type of art is entirely transferable across media. Color some graph paper, or collage some colored paper. To prove the fungibility of this creative exercise, I have cross-stitched my daughter's sprite:

floss on 22-count canvas

Having taken just a few minutes, this constrained form of graphic art is perfect for a daily Moment.


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