November 17, 2011

The Word: Holy Bible Choose Your Own Deity Version

My first app.

I'm so excited, and very pleased with the turnaround time by Apple (less than a week, wow!).

First in a planned series of semiologically-experimental iPhone apps, The Word is designed to alter signs in the Holy Bible KJV by replacing the words God and Jesus with whomever you choose.

From the app's About page:

Now you, too, can replace the word "God" with whomever in this Holy Bible edition.

The Word is more than simply a semiological experiment.

Growing up, I attended Catholic mass every week, each time growing more and more detached from, and belligerent toward, a belief which I didn't hold.

After Confirmation, I never attended mass again, and have since carried a hostile image wherever the words "God" and "Jesus" appear.

I've since read the Bible, but to this day, those words leave a bad taste in my mouth, even though the concept itself is delicious.

So, I created The Word in order to replace a word, nothing more than an iconic metaphor, to one with which I am more comfortable.

And so can you.

Replace the words "God" and "Jesus" with names, concepts, or other gods which most strongly resonate with you.

Less able to believe in Creation theory? Try replacing "God" with "the universe". Already sold on another faith but appreciate the Bible's message? Use "Krishna", "Hera", "Ayn Rand".

Luke17:21 "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or lo there! for, behold, the kindgom of God is within you." Try using your own name for "Jesus"; discover your godliness, and perhaps some latent narcissism.

When you are ready, return to the home screen, click "Deities", enter your gods, then click "Re-Deify". Your Bible-reading experience should now be a little more personal and meaningful.

Anything beyond that is semantic.

It has an official release date of November 18th, so look for it in the Entertainment section, else find it right here: The Word


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