July 12, 2011

Interactive Interview about "Calm, Mute, Moving".

I have finally finished my write-up about my second Atari 2600 game poem entitled "Calm, Mute, Moving.".

It is not, however, a typical write-up like one would expect. It is not a scholarly paper, nor is it a standard postmortem. It is an Interactive Interview created with Inform7.

What is an Interactive Interview? Well, in the early days of computer adventures, there were works of Interactive Fiction like "Zork." They are the graphic-less types of games where you type things such as "go north," "take gold," or "kill troll" in order to interact with the game. You know: the classics. These days, similar works are still being produced by a small number of writers. I had decided, upon avoiding, for a month, any sort of "serious" written composition, to create an Interactive Interview in the same vein as these text adventures.

The interview itself is titled "'Calm, Mute, Moving' interview with Sonny Rae Tempest," and is presented here as a .z5 file. You will need an interpreter to run this file, but one can be downloaded for free to your computer. Frotz is a great interpreter for Windows, and there's even a Frotz iphone app. Zoom is a good one for Mac OS.

It is my hope that you experience the interview for yourself, especially if you never had the luxury to play these games, or works of Interactive Fiction, in the heyday of computer gaming.

To download the .z5 file, click HERE, or find it in the Sonny's Work link above.

Thank you all for checking it out. I hope you enjoy!


*** EDIT ***

Thanks to the good people at the Interactive Fiction Database, you can now play the "Calm, Mute, Moving" interview with Sonny Rae Tempest on your web browser! Click HERE to do so.


July 10, 2011

Draw a Horse

Seriously. Without pretensions, draw a horse. On the walk to your car. In under a minute. On anything: business card, napkin, fallen leaf. With anything: pen, charcoal, syrup. It doesn't have to look good. In fact, it doesn't have too look like a horse at all. Give it horns, sneakers, a bullet-proof vest. Give it wings, intelligence, handlebars or a handlebar mustache. Fence him in, or set her free; existence only cares that it exists. It doesn't have to be a good horse; it could be evil. It could be indifferent. Seriously. Without pretensions, draw a horse. On the walk to your car. In under a minute. On anything. With anything. When you're done, keep it, post it, or crumple it up and throw it away. It doesn't have to be good; it just has to be, if only for a moment.

Now of course, here's my Moment:

1"x1" Ink pens on discarded cigarette filter paper.