March 14, 2013

DRONE - A Pejorative Card Game

Portion of TARGET card

Drones bother me. Everything about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to me, screams: "I'm a pussy."

You can quote me on that.

I don't imagine I need to explain what they are, or what they're used for. But I will: They're machines used for killing people. They have no other purpose. They're used for killing people.

I've created game poems in the past, but when trying to address the drone issue, I could think of nothing "poetic" to communicate. Therefore, rather than create a poem about this particular subject, I've created more of a statement; to be more precise, I've created an expletive.

DRONE is a pejorative card game I designed based off a traditional deck of playing cards. The artwork was designed to signify anonymous targets, with piles of civilian deaths in iconic night-vision hues. The game play, the instructions, and the visual tone of DRONE is one which, however, was intended to be family friendly. Kids and adults of all ages can play this game without the gore and guilt of actual violence, which, quite frankly, reflects what I imagine is the viewpoint of the pilots themselves: totally removed from humanity, miles away, at a computer interface.

DRONE card
Number 7 card

You may download the instructions HERE as a .pdf, and play with a traditional deck of cards. Or you may navigate to HERE, where you may purchase the official deck (and make me a negligible amount of money).
Number 5 card

I apologize if I've offended anyone. Drones bother me. But hey, the card game is fun! Again, this game truly is family friendly; it's satirical. Hopefully, if you're playing with your kids, they'll pick up on the wrongness of it all. Hopefully they'll get that feeling in their gut that they shouldn't be playing this game. And hopefully, so will you.



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