March 4, 2013

EMP-LIT: a New Course at UnderAcademy

Myself, along with Talan Memmott, Ray DeJesús, Sandy Florian, Linus Lancaster, Alan Sondheim, Erik H Rzepka, Rob Wittig, Claire Donato, Mark Marino, Jeff T. Johnson, Richard Smyth, and Maria Damon, will be teaching in the upcoming 4th Cycle at UnderAcademy College. Above is a flyer with a description for the class that I will be teaching, EMP-LIT, and is transcribed as follows:

Darkness. Sweet, silent darkness. The power’s out. Permanently. Piles of plastic. The network is down. The network is dark. Sweetly, silently dark.Where does electronic literature go when the power is out? Permanently? When the server no longer provides the PC? When the Personal Computer no longer provides the person?Into darkness. Into sweet, silent darkness.This class will explore and define methods of digital preservation beyond the place of power. Hypertextuality, generativity, multimedia interactivity: gone, replaced by piles of bargain-bin pop-sensational fiction, unless we work to analogize these methods to a platform with more longevity. In a first act of desperation, we will be transposing what we as electronic literates have discovered through digital composition back onto paper which, when all has become dark, sweetly and silently dark, can still be experienced by candlelight.
Admissions are open now. You may view other courses and enroll here now, free of charge.

A higher quality flyer may be found here.

Hope to see some of you there!


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